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We are here to assist you in creating a simple, professionally designed and installed, easy to maintain, permaculture garden.  Waist High garden beds or any other functional permaculture gardening aid to see you growing great crops of wonderful fresh food for your table and to the benefit of your families health. 


Let us assist you in setting up your permaculture vegetable garden. 

Taste your own fresh and organic produce. Feel the satisfaction of having added to your own table.

Whether it is in your yard or on a balcony or anywhere else we can really get your vegetable or herb garden -  working for you!


James Quealy

James specialises in:

  • creating home vegetable gardens and
  • consulting on permaculture solutions

anywhere in Northern Sydney, Hornsby, Central Coast.

He holds a Certificate in Horticulture, Certificate in Irrigation systems and a Permaculture design Certificate. 

For more information please

call James on 0414 427 050 or  email

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