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We can assist you using our vast knowledge and expertise in permaculture to transform your garden into a sustainable garden oasis of fresh vegetable and fruits for your use.

Whether your garden is small, medium, large - we suggest you incorporate these ideas in your design:


Always begin with a compost bin.  Preferably 2.  This so that while one is composting you can be filling the second  with all the kitchen scraps.

Anything that was once living can be put into a compost bin.e.g. egg shells, apple cores, hair, tea bags, vegetables. However don't put in meat or citrus.  Orange and lemon peels can be buried in the garden.

Worm farms are a good way of composting and can be placed in the shade. Ideal for balconies or shady spots.

Herb and vegetable garden

Growing herbs and vegetables in a small or large space close to the kitchen is so convenient. Everyday herbs like basil, chives, mint, rocket can be picked daily and simply added to meals.  Add some oregano, basil and my favorite coriander for a little lift to those great dinner meals.

This herb or vegetable garden could be as simple as a patch of dirt with compost and organics added to it.  Or it could take the form of a no dig garden with the top made up of lucence hay.
Cost of a small herb spiral or vegetable garden is very reasonable.

Contact us for a quote to set your gardens up with compost bins, worm farm and a no dig garden to grow your herbs and vegetables.

Permaculture in the home garden

Creating a natural environment using natural resources with multi functional plants, tree and or animals in the home garden.

  • Composting
  • Worm farms
  • No dig gardens
  • Herb gardens
  • Vegetable gardens
  • Fruit gardens
  • Creating shade areas for summer and sunny spots in winter
  • Seasonal planting
  • Companion planting

Turning areas of your lawn and garden into food gardens.

Additional Resources and Inspiration

Places of Interest 

Fagan Park

Fagan Parks - Eco Garden

Fagan Parks - Eco Garden is the crown jewel of Hornsby Shire’s parks, covering 55 hectares.
Location: 38-48 Arcadia Road, Galston
Open hours: 7am until sunset (6:30pm during daylight savings)
Open days: open every day except Christmas day 


An adventure in urban sustainability:

the journey from a normal suburban backyard in Wollongong - just see what the possibilites are!


Kimbriki Eco House and Garden
at Kimbriki Tip

Milkwood Permaculture Course and Accrediation
Permaculture Sydney North

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