This is a normal backyard in Suburban Sydney.  The owners, Janine and Tony, have embraced Permaculture and with the help of James have created a beautiful organic garden.

 raised garden beds


This gorgeous garden - is a No Dig garden - but the added benefit of this garden is that it is NO BEND  garden also - what a great idea!

The strawberries look really healthy and you can almost taste the real fruit flavour!  YUM

Not a piece of cotton wool in sight.




and now 12 months on - what an amazing change

Companion planting has been introduced.

Using colourful flowering plants to attract the "Good" insects to the garden to protect the food plants.



Herb spiral

Only time will show the delights this can produce for the kitchen of this lucky household


A newly planted herb spiral

and now 12 months on

what an amazing change



Examples of Traditional gardens

Lawn of soft leaf buffalo grass

Lawn of soft leaf buffalo grass

Hydrangeas and Bougainvillea

Hydrangeas and Bougainvillea

Cream Clivea
Cream Clivea

Orange Clivea
Orange Clivea


This passionfruit vine is being grown to not only provide a luxury fruit but to create a private space from the neighbouring property.

Very useful use of a great fruit. Not to mention Pavlova for those special occasions.

The use of green manure in the garden is a great way to have colour and add nutrition to the soil for the extra boost to the next crop of vegies.  For in season fresh food for their table and health.

more gorgeous colour to attract the good bugs

Traditional Gardens

We offer services to create, redesign, renovate or maintain your Traditional Garden.

Please contact James for further information.

Pond Garden



visit us again soon, we are always adding and changing the images of the gardens we have created.

Herb Gardens

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