Balcony gardens


You can create a wonderful food garden on a large or small balcony. Full sun to part shade an abundant space can be created.

Starting with pots and growing an array of herbs and small vegetables.

Balcony Garden 

In a sunny spot you could grow; Basil, Mint, Spearmint, Oregano, Shallots, Lemon balm, lemon grass, lavender.

In a spot that is in partial shade or full summer shade you could grow; Cabbage, Lettuce, Silverbeet, Spinach and Chilli's.


To feed your garden


A worm farm would work on a balcony, providing it was in a shady position. It would function as a non mess compost. Allowing you to recycle kitchen wastes then providing you with liquid fertiliser and worm castings which you could place in the pots to enrich the soil and assist in the growth of your plants to feed you a more healthy diet.

On railings you can grow vines which provide fruit, for example a passion fruit vine. Or you could have some lattice erected and grow fruiting vines through out and over it. This could also provide a screen and create extra shade in summer.

If you like the idea of a water feature, you could also grow water chestnut and water cress in a pot filled with water. These plants would filter the water and you could even keep fish in the same container.

Small fruit trees such as cumquat's can be grown in pots.  Tomatoes and many other fruit and vegetables can be grown in pots to enhance your diet and improve your lifestyle

In permaculture you can make any space or situation into a productive and beautiful environment. Providing the additional benefit of assisting with recycling and sustaining our world.

Oregano in the northern sun flourishes

This worm farm would fit nicely on a balcony and could be strategically hidden behind something really pretty quite easily.   With the benfits of giving you a great source of the amazing worm juice and castings for your food pots and everything else in the garden!.

Worm Farm

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