Learn how to build a No Dig Garden

Why dig a garden the conventional way? When there are millions of worms willing to do the work for you.

The bed will break down into a nutrient-rich soil, so all you will need to do is top it up with fresh layers of organic matter.

No Dig Gardening will give you and your family:

Organic fresh vegetables in season

You will be able to eat Organic fresh vegetables daily.

In working with nature and not against it, you will also gain the true food value your body needs to stay healthy. 

Eating this way will give you all the nutrients, vitamins, trace elements and fiber you and your family requires to replenish your ‘organic’ bodies.

You can also deter garden pests the natural way by companion planting
Encourage healthy fresh food grown naturally means working with nature and not against it!



  • No Dig Garden can be built in 2 hours
  • No Dig gardening will not need you to maintain it.... Nature does it for you!
  • No Dig Gardening is the easiest way to grow your own organic fruits and vegetables
  • No Dig Garden is literally that NO DIGGING IN YOUR GARDEN
  • No Dig Gardening puts life back in your soil while growing your organic vegetables
  • No Dig Gardens compost the materials while giving the plants the nutrition they need and then passing it to you
  • No Dig Gardens can be built in the smallest of places
  • No Dig Gardening doesn’t require you to have good quality soil or soil at all, they can be built on concrete!
  • No Dig Gardening doesn’t require you to be an expert in gardening


A No Dig Garden bed can be built

  • On top of the ground
  • Over existing garden beds, lawns etc.
  • Over Poor soil
  • On hard or rocky ground.
  • It is best situated in a sunny area that receives morning sun and has good drainage.
  • It can be any size or shape, depending on the space you have and the materials to hand.
  • It is best to start with a small bed, (2M x 1.5M) but plan it so that you can expand when you want to.
  • When preparing the site it is not necessary to pull up the lawn or existing garden.
  • If the ground is very uneven or rocky, it should be leveled off.
  • If you have lots of leaves and twigs on the ground you can build on top of them

Materials needed 

  • 25 kilo bag cow manure
  • 1 bale Lucerne    
  • 1 bale straw
  • 25 kilo bag chicken manure
  • Newspaper – lots of it
  • Compost
  • Seedlings


  • Wheelbarrow or big container that will hold water
  • Hose
  • Water

Herb Spiral - No Dig

Mandela - key hole no dig garden


Wicking Beds

 a happy client says...

Thanks so much for the work it looks great. We'll get to do some planting on the weekend. And thank you for moving the additional materials and the offer of assistance with a future bed.

Thanks again, its so great to be able to work with someone who's passionate, local, reliable and has such a great attitude for their work. We're happy we made the connection.

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