Small garden or part of a large garden

Herb and vegetable garden

Growing herbs and vegetables in a small or large space close to the kitchen is so convenient and tastes great too. Everyday herbs like basil, chives, mint, rocket can be picked daily and added to meals.

This small garden could be as simple as a patch of dirt with compost and organics added to it, or it could take the form of a no dig garden with the top made up of lucern hay.

Cost of a small garden is incredibly reasonable.  We also set up compost bins, worm farm and a no dig gardens ask us for a quote for your particular requirements, however small or large we can help you with your permaculture herb or vegetable garden.  Sydney is such a great climate and things grow easily.

Medium size garden or part of a large garden

Compost bins ( at least 2 ) worm farm optional

Garden bed close to kitchen for every day herbs and vegetables. Herb spiral a great addition to all gardens and great for daily health and tasty cooking.

Part of a grassed area could be turned into a Mandala garden. These gardens make great use of space providing lots of edge for low growing herbs and easy access to medium to tall growing herbs and vegetables.The centre of a mandala garden can have a feature tree such as a beautiful citrus or maybe a feature pond.

No dig gardens can be placed a upon concrete area of the front and or backyard. They are so vesatile you can grown herbs and vegies anywhere.

Trees can be planted that will provide fruit as well as screening and or wind breaks.

Hedges can be planted to provide food as well as screening.

Fences and fence lines can be screened with vines that provide food such as kiwi fruit, passion fruit, grapes.

Broad garden beds can be created to grow plants that don't need to much attention. These beds can be further away from the house. Cabbages, Sweet corn, pumpkin, Watermelon, Cauliflower, Cabbage.

Garden sheds, Garages and out buildings can have beans and peas growing up the sides or passionfruit or grape vines.

We can provide you with a quote to do all of the above or set it up so you can take over and provide the finishing touches e.g. picking the fruit or vegies.

Starting from the back and or front door of your home and working outwards.

Everyday herbs and vegetables planted in a garden or pots close to the kitchen / back door. This allows easy access when preparing meals. This part of the garden is known as zone 1.

Worm farms and compost bins can be placed close to the back door or they can be situated further away in appropriate places.

We always like to begin with a compost bin. At least 2. While one is composting you can be filling the second with all the kitchen scraps. Anything that was once living can be put into a compost bin.e.g. egg shells, apple cores, hair, tea bags, vegetables. However don't put in meat or citrus. Orange and lemon peels can be buried in the garden.

Worm farms are a good way of composting and can be placed in the shade. Worm farms are ideal for balconies or shady spots.

What they say

Many, many thanks for your hard work installing the garden bed for us.  We have now planted the vegetables and herbs you left with us and everything is growing well thanks to your careful preparation of the bed. So far we  have managed to keep the possums and bandicoots at bay!

On behalf of the school, thank you for the time and effort you put in to provide the students with a further garden bed that can be used to promote  healthy eating and sustainability at NLPS.

Kind regards
Janette Clark
Narrabeen Lakes Public School


Just want to say thank you so much for the veggie garden, it is wonderful. I have watered today and will look after the seedlings til they are established.


Salad Garden

Salad Garden

Peas growing on recycled stakes & tie

Peas growing on recycled stakes

Spinach and Silverbeet

Spinach and Silverbeet

A garden to explore

delights to find !

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